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Thread: Carb free meals

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    Carb free meals

    Hi all

    it would seem carbs are slowing my weight loss so trying to have carbs about 2/3 times a week but I really struggle to make meals on a non carb day, any ideas please.

    i usually do stir frys on non carb days but no idea what else I can do lol



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    I'm interested in this kind of thing as well. All I can think of is a salad or stir fry but they aren't my favourite things
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    Hi, have you tried a chicken and roasted veg tray bake? Curry served on bean sprouts, sweet potato fries? Salad.

    Hope they give you slight inspiration x

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    We often do bean chilli. Recipe is by agirlcalledjack

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    So I guess by "non-carb days" you mean Red days?

    Whenever I have Red days I tend to make things like carrot "chips", which are tasty and easy to make. I just buy a bag of pre-cut carrot batons and pop them on a baking tray with frylight, garlic and chilli. Then just roast in the oven for about 30-40 minutes, turning half way.

    For things like roast dinners, you can make a substitute for mashed potato by mashing together carrots and swede.

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