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Thread: Sausage Making

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    Sausage Making

    I've a sausage maker and looking to make my own slimming world friendly sausages, and would appreciate any advice and recipes please?


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    look up the recipes for Glamorgan sausage, makes a nice vegetarian sausage...

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    Hi, I also have a sausage maker (a kitchenaid attachment; sausage stuffer and mincer) and searched for a very long time to find a slimming world friendly recipe. This one is mine that I have adapted from an American boudin sausage which uses cooked rice as the 'filler' rather than breadcrumbs or rusk. The sausages were nice but very pale looking.

    500 g pork (raw weight -after- all fat removed)
    300 g rice, cooked and cooled
    1 tbsp onion granules
    Large pinch white pepper
    8 g salt
    1 tbsp dried parsley
    1 tbsp dried chives
    1 tbsp dried sage

    Cut the pork into chunks, spread onto a lined baking tray and put in the freezer for an hour. Put the mincer in the fridge.
    Put a large bowl into a larger bowl half full of ice and water.
    Put the pork through the mincer, keeping everything cold.
    Put the pork through the mincer once more, with the rice. Finish with a couple of ice cubes to 'clean' the mincer.
    Add the herbs and spices to the mince and squish together with your hands to mix. The mix is ready when it is sticky and sticks to your hand.
    Set up the stuffer with a large board underneath it, raised up to be almost level.
    Put the casing tube onto the sausage stuffer nozzle and pull out about 5 cm of casing to start. Hold the casing at the end and put the stuffer on 4.
    Slowly fill the sausage between your fingers and place into a spiral onto the board.
    When all the mince is used, pull off another 5cm and knot either end of the sausage casing.
    Twist the sausage into 10 links.
    Use a skewer to pop any air bubbles you can see on the surface.
    Let the sausages sit overnight to soften the casings.

    I'd be really interested to know of any other recipes.

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