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Thread: Body magic at home team, seeking buddies!

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    Body magic at home team, seeking buddies!

    Anyone fancy joining me in a challenge to exercise more from home?

    Hubby works shifts so one week he's not here at all in the evenings and the next week not home until 7pm which is bath and bed time for my 22 month old son and of corse tea time for us after!

    I'm feeling quite down at the mo, I desperately wanted to become a runner and entered my 1st 10k which is in may but my training came to a halt when my knees started flaring up. 2 months on and the docs basically said don't run, do something else.

    I've got a treadmill to sell and some running gear but I'm determined to find something else I enjoy.

    My options are spinning from home (hubby bought a bike 2 months ago to lose weight as he hates running!)
    or, exercise programmes recorded from sky as we don't have a DVD player.
    I've recorded jillian Michaels killer buns and thighs and some kettle work ones as I have a set of kettles.

    So what else do I need? Well a buddy would be nice, someone in a similar situation to me?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hello, how's it going? I would like a buddy too. Im a student and can't afford the gym. I've got shred and wanting to start running again when the weather gets lighter and warmer. Xxx

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