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Thread: 30 Day Pre-Christmas Kick start

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    30 Day Pre-Christmas Kick start

    Hi all,

    I know there are a few Christmas challenges out there already, but I am starting (well, restarting) a bit late to join any of those. If fact, I'm so late that with only five weeks to go until the big day it is tempting just to say 'Oh well, I'll start in the New Year'. Trouble is, if I do that I'll probably start the New Year half a stone or more heavier, not lighter.

    So I thought I'd set myself a little pre-Christmas challenge to kick start my weight-loss before the festive season really kicks in. 30 days to see what I can achieve. The challenge is not to lose a certain amount by Christmas, but rather to stick to the plan for 30 consecutive days and see what the end result is.

    For me, sticking to the plan means

    1. Sticking to the SW plan and ending the day within my 15 syn limit
    2. Doing some form of exercise, be it going to the gym, swimming, going on my exercise bike, or going for a walk.
    3. Drinking no alcohol - this one is just for me really, because I know from bitter experience that drinking too much wine is the quickest way to fail at 1. and 2.
    4. Post here everyday to record my progress and check my stats at the end of 30 days against those at the start.

    I'd love some company doing this - everybody can set their own interpretation of what sticking to plan means for them, the idea is just to support each other in making a difference between now and Christmas, instead of letting these few weeks drift away.

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    Hey I'm happy to join this!

    My interpretation of sticking to plan is:

    1. Not going over my syns each week - only 105 per week! (I flexi syn so don't count them each day but each week instead)
    2. Regular exercise when possible
    3. Trying new recipes

    I am recently teetotal so I can feel your pain on the alcohol thing. I gave up over a year ago, and have the odd drink on occasion here or there but I feel much better not drinking

    I'm hoping to get back into the 12's, which means 6lb to go !

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