I am very excited to be going to Egypt 4 weeks today for a fortnights holiday and i cant believe how the pounds have crept on over the last few months.
i weighed myself this morning at 11 stones 12 pounds.....aaargghh! I am 5'6" tall so i should weigh at least a stone less than that, possibly 2 stones less!
But, i only have 4 weeks to bikini time.

So, today, i went on my usual 13kms run which takes me about an hour and a half, loved it.

For lunch i had a large salad with a boiled egg and a weight watchers quiche, yummy
For dinner tonight i have had a portion of slimming world cowboy pie, masses of runner beans then 2 bananas and a very low fat natural yogurt.

I am heading off to Cornwall in the morning for a weeks holiday with my new man! We are renting a cottage down there so i dont see any reason to not stick with this. Plenty of walking and maybe some sunny days on the beach and in the sea

Would anyone else like to join me on my 28 day challenge?. It would be fab if we could spur each other on.

Michele x