Hey people's!

I am normally someone who just reads thread after thread of information and doesn't really say much but I have decided to write a post!

I joined slimming world in November last year and for the first 3/4 weeks I loved it! And I still really do, but I am a massive cheat, and it's starting to really show on the scales - Since I have joined I have only lost just over a stone, which in comparison to some peoples losses on this plan (half stone awards in two weeks, ect ect) it's really not a very good result.

(Wow I just thought about that and I have lost a stone in 5 months, that's really not good going. Plus where on earth have 5 months gone!)

This is considering I was 11st 1lb when I started and last weigh in was 9st 13lb, which I know for some people is below their target weight but I am 5"2 (cheating again, I'm closer to 5"1 if I'm honest) so realistically I want my target weight to be at least 9stone and less, for a bit of room.

The trouble is with me, is that when I lost the first half stone, that really made a difference and I felt so much more confident and happier that I started to slack slightly, I know I probably got over confident really but the trouble is I'm really really struggling to get back into the swing of things.

Every couple of days I think, okay I'm going to get on form and really give it a go this week, only 5 minutes later to be greeted by a chocolate muffin or something equally bad for me and high in syns.

I plan my week every week and go to group every week whether I have had a terrible week or a sort of bad week because I know if I stop going then that will be it and I have no hope of even keeping the weight I have lost off.

I am a massive perfectionist (which causes all sort of problems with other areas of my life aswell) which means I make one mistake and it's usually all over for me and I don't see the point - although I'm really trying to work on this mindset. My other problem is when I binge- I really go to town, I make myself ill thinking about the amount of crap I can eat in one go.

I love the gym and go at least 3 times a week (body pump once and spinning twice) and then try to get in the gym once and swimming once. I don't do this for any other reason that to help tone me up and because it helps keep me sane.

I don't really know what I want from you guys by telling you all this but I feel better for it already and I haven't even posted it yet! :,)

I guess what I'm trying to find out is, has anyone else been through this, does anyone have any tips or advice and am I going insane and have the worst will power in the world because it really feels like it!

thanks for listening to my rant, sorry if I have given you a headache!

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