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Thread: Just a christmas thought...

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    Just a christmas thought...

    I've even sick this week, backs playing up so spent half the week lying very still, popping painkillers and drinking no water. I've eaten everything hand held too. I've gained a whopping 7lbs.

    My brain keeps telling me 'meh it's almost Christmas and you are soooo busy' but if I carry on this way I'll gain 2 stone by Christmas. It took me 2 years to lose 4 stone and I get married in 5 months.

    If that's its enough of a short sharp shock to motivate me then I've got no idea what I'll do!
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    Well done for facing facts; I think writing them down here too will help them sink in!
    Hope you manage to get things under control and are feeling better.
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    Into the 12s
    Regain my 0.5 stone award
    Regain my 1 stone award
    Don't gain more than 3lb at Christmas (Only 1.5lb gained!)
    Into the 11s for good!
    Halfway to healthy BMI (11st12)
    Club 10
    1.5st gone
    Lose weight on holiday (Lost 0.5lb by climbing a load of mountains to make up for all the wine, phew!)
    Half a stone to go to healthy BMI
    2st gone
    Into the 10s
    Healthy BMI (10st10) soon, but definitely before I go to Spain in June!

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    Its great that youve identified the problem so soon. As far as handheld food goes what have you been having? could you have fruit like apples, bananas, grapes? Also hifi or alpen bars for hexB? and chicken chunks (kind of like kebabs) that would be free and speed food? Drinking water again would help too.

    Is there anything we can help with, any support you need or anything? Im always about as Im sure others are

    You've got a fab motivation and you know the plan works.Hope you're feeling better soon .x.x.
    Suck it up, Buttercup

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