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Thread: Ate too much......drank too much.......feel rubbish!

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    Ate too much......drank too much.......feel rubbish!

    I know your supposed to love this time of year but I hate it!!! In one week I have managed to come off plan completely and put on...................5 pounds! Well I cant say that I dont know how it happened think I ate everything in site.

    Sat in work now feeling sluggish, trousers are VERY snug and actually craving healthy food!!

    I am back on it today (sort of) and going to an intense 30 min fitness class tonight to kick start me.

    Hope you all had a good christmas!!
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    I know the feeling! I've eaten way way tooo much but have been back on plan for a couple of days now. It's a relief tbh, and I feel so much better for it. That's the thing about Christmas - it really makes you appreciate SW - lots of lovely food that's actually good for your waistline!

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    i know the feeling too! was determind to stay on plan over christmas but that soon changed when faced with choclate! have ate nothing but take aways since boxing day and pretty much had to be shoe horned into my tunic for work today! roll on 2nd of Jan when all the temptation is out of the way and i can get back into the swing of things! x

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    I felt exactly the same! I think the over indulgence was a massive shock to my body because I felt vile!
    I knew I'd be having drinks on New Year's Eve so 3 days ago I got back on plan!! Honestly, the 3 days has done me wonders! I couldn't go to class between Christmas and new year because they changed the day and I was working so I weighed myself at home! I had put on 3lbs!
    In my 3 days of getting back on plan, I'm pleased to say the 3lbs have gone and I'm now in track for a maintain or maybe even a little loss!

    I just wanted to let you know because honestly your gain will come off quickly when you're back on plan. You'll honestly lose that horrible feeling too!

    I saw someone else say the following : 'it doesn't matter what you eat between Christmas and new year, what counts is what you eat between new year and Christmas' .... (Or something like that) it's so true!!

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    I was on plan 100% Christmas Day then got up Boxing Day and it all went out the window. Got weighed Monday and I've put on 3.5 lbs. got straight back on plan Monday and so pleased I did as feel a lot better now. When I was eating the rubbish over christmas I got stomach cramps, spots, felt tired and had no energy. Good luck everyone.

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    I'm with you all too....said after doing the same last year never again but here I am again with a 7 lb gain over xmas Need to get back in the zone desperately

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    I've eaten so much rubbish over the festive period, but d'you know what? I've enjoyed every minute of it, have enjoyed eating foods I haven't had for the whole year since starting my weight-loss journey! So despite the extra half stone I've now put on, I know I can get it back off again, and the new year is always a brilliant motivation for that :].

    Hope you all had a brilliant Xmas, and here's to a successful (and skinny!) new year .

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