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Thread: Back to SW..lots to loose!

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    Back to SW..lots to loose!

    Hello all,

    just wanted to say hello and that I'm so glad to be coming back to SW.

    i did SW with my Mum 2-3 years ago, we struggled to understand EE but always liked green or red days. I bought a house in Norfolk and went to WW as there used to be a Saturday morning meeting in the next Village. That closed, I transferred to another meeting and my Mum joined up too but I didn't like the leader and she kept feeling hungry and struggled so we gave up when we had two family bereavements in 2 days (tough times and eating went to pot).

    So our new year plan is to rejoin SW, I remember getting a few slimmer of the weeks and month and it's so good to hear how everyone's weeks have been and other peoples hints and tips.

    my reasons for doing it are that I've just turned 29, have PCOS and some of my Dad's family have diabetes. My Hubby is naturally slim and wears 32 inch waist jeans, I feel like I could get one half of a leg in them! I'm also considering children and cannot get pregnant without loosing weight.

    last time I was weighed I still had 10ish stones to loose and my BMI was 48. Thus may now be higher.

    Sorry for the long post, as I stay with my Parents whilst at work now for 4 days a week we're rejoining together on Tuesday.

    i bought this months magazine and there are some proper yummy recipes in there which I've showed my Hubby already.

    tina x
    Loving Slimming World and the fab Food Optimising plan!

    This weight must go for me being a Bridesmaid in 2015.

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    Good luck to you. Slimming world is fantastic.

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    Good luck to you. Wishing you some fab losses for you this year. :thumbup:I'm in a similar position, diabetes in the family. I've had a couple of diabetes scares but tests negative. I feel I'm just tempting fate at my weight and losing it decreases risk. I also don't wanna try for baby at my weight due to health risk. Slimming world has some fab recipes and I discover something different all the time.
    1st goal - get stone award in April
    2nd goal - club10

    then take it a lb at a time

    Long term goal -wedding date January15 - be 3st lighter

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