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Thread: Hi, I'm New!

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    5th January, 2014
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    Smile Hi, I'm New!

    Hi there!
    My name is Marian, I live in Wales and I'm mum of two little boys.
    I'm a massive reader, if I had half the chance I would lock myself in my room for the entire day and read! Also like to watch movies, take long walks, retail therapy, music. The list of my interests/hobbies are endless.
    So, after having two kids (16 months apart!) and adopting the "I'm eating for two" and "I might as well eat what I want, I'm going to get fat anyway" attitude through both pregnancies I piled on the pounds and put on 5 stone!
    I'm now following slimming world, I'm no stranger to the diet considering this is my fourth time joining! Every time was the same, started out great, and then a week or two down the line I just lost the will to diet and gave up. This time it's different! I'm now 13stone 13lbs and it's the heaviest I have ever been, and on a night out on Boxing night I did nothing but complain about my weight to friends, and that's when I realised that I and I alone have the power to change my body, and no amount of complaining and whining is going to make any difference.
    I rejoined group on Thursday (2/1/14) and started food optimizing the following day so it's only been 3 days so far and so far so good, but I just hope that I find the will and determination to stick to it this time and loose the weight once and for all!
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    1lb at a time!

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    Hello and welcome xxx

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    29th December, 2013
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    I'm about the same, mum to 4 Aged 6m, 3, 8 & 10, I've not Lost any of the baby weight yet despite being in group throughout and after pregnancy! I rejoined class on Saturday and I am really egar to get this weight off too.
    I found these forums really helpful and have been sooo good on diet since 27/12 thanks to the support on here. Shout if you need anything and good luck x

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    6th January, 2014
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    good luck ive started today looking forward to the journey

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    22nd July, 2011
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    Good luck.

    I've started (again) today. Not going to group though yet.... Pennies are almost as tight as my clothes. Hopefully going back to group in February though.

    Kelley x

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    Good morning!

    So good to see some more yummy mummys joining!

    good luck.x.x.

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    Goal BMI: 23

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    Welcome I pretty much did the same as you. I started at 2lbs heavier than you and now target is within reach. Good luck on your journey x

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