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Thread: Does having 1 'naughty' meal mean I wont lose weight?

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    Does having 1 'naughty' meal mean I wont lose weight?


    I am on my 4th week of SW and have so far lost 7.5lbs.

    I am going to a chinese all you can eat buffet on Saturday night with my partner and his work mates for a belated Xmas meal.

    I want to enjoy myself although dont think I will go crazy as I may have done before I started SW.

    My weigh in is Saturday morning, so in theory I have a whole week from this meal til my next weigh in. Do you think I should go without syns for the whole week to ensure a loss? What do people normally do if they have a 'naughty' meal?

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    I think you will be fine as long as you can draw a line under it and start fresh again on sunday!! 1 meal is not going to hurt x x hope you enjoy it, I weigh on a friday, went to an all you can eat chinese on the saturday (eek) and the following friday I was 2lb down!!

    Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels!!!

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    I usually give myself a meal off every week and I still lose. By a meal off though, I try to make reasonable choices and eat realistic portions. I would be miserable if I didn't.

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    I wouldn't go for no syns after, but low syns. I know lots of people who have that 'treat' meal on WI day and still loose, probably not what they would without but still a loss. Have a good time enjoy yourself and like others have said make sure you draw the line first thing sunday morning xx
    I pledge to take it 1 lb at a time and to ease up on myself when I make a mistake.

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    I weigh on a Friday, so have a "little" treat on Friday Night/Saturday but I dont go too mad. Make good choices at the buffet and if you going to drink have spirits with diet mixers.

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    Have a look at the syn values of chinese meals and make good choices. Nothing deep fried, not sure how good soup is for a starter. The pile your plate with boiled rice and beff in black bean which is reletivly low in sys. Could you flexisyn - decide on the amount of syns your going to use then count down from that amount. I knwo its difficult when its a buffett but might stop you going too mad! Most of all enjoy it!

    Kay x

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    And drink plenty of water after as Chinese is very salty so help flush out any water retention
    Lots of great choices though at the chinese just avoid the fried starters have soup which is low syns and 5 prawn crackers is only 1.5 syns
    Lots of rice noodles and bit of your favourite meat and sauce you will be fine x enjoy
    Happy days

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    No it doesn't mean that. See my recent diary entries on this exact thing.

    Each of us is different and have different metabolises etc but I recently did an unofficial experiment on me using pizza. The results conclusively showed that one meal doesn't ruin a week of goodness but I would not advise doing it too regularly!!
    I am Sam, I like it here. I think I'll hang around a bit...

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