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Thread: Need some exercise ideas for my lazy fat ass!!

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    Need some exercise ideas for my lazy fat ass!!

    4 weeks into SW and ive lost 8lb... 2lb a week, consistent so im happy! Should be more and my start weight was 16.12

    I work in an office and literally sit down for most of the day... its soo cold and wet i dont go outside much, what does everyone do inside? Nothing major, just to get my heart rate going to burn some calories until the weater picks up really!

    ME and my BF live together in a shared house so only place to burn is the bedroom really lol.... Ive started walking twice a week for an hour or so to get me out... are Squats a good idea to do inside? Sits up?

    Someone please help me :-D xxx

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    I do workout dvds from youtube. A new one each day keeps boredom away!

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    I do a mini circuit, takes 15 minutes.
    15 squats
    15 press ups against a wall
    15 knee highs (lift knee up one at a time, bring arms down to the knee)
    1 minute step ups on the bottom step or back door step
    repeat 3 times = 15 minutes.

    well done on the walking

    Week 1 = -3lb

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    I cant believe i am going to say this online but at home, when no one is watching, I march on the spot. Bringing those knees up high lol Its a good workout and handy when you dont feel like going out in the cold. I also do 20 wall press ups, 20 jumping jacks, 30 squats and if i havent passed out, some more marching. I started jogging on the spot this week. I managed 5 whole minutes for the first time in my life and although that sounds really bad, compared to what I used to do, which was nothing, its pretty good for me.
    Good luck! x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerance25 View Post
    .... ME and my BF live together in a shared house so only place to burn is the bedroom really lol....
    Hate to disillusion you but ... that is not the only place to burn calories in a shared house

    It's a house; it has stairs; *those* are now your best friend just walk up and down them 3 times without stopping (start at the bottom and you'll end up at the top). When you can do that comfortably, increase the number of times you walk up and down. Simples
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    I have just treated myself to a treadmill and have been power walking on it 3-4 times a week as i want to get my bronze body magic award. The stairs are a good one i once did the 30 days sqwat challenge its hard a painful but no pain no gain lol

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    Plank! Plank everyday, increasing your time as you go. And get a kettle bell. 15 minutes with that will really get your heart rate up AND tone you at the same time hello tiny waist!

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    What about a WII and the Fit Board or Zumba? I've dug mine out and I'm doing that for 20 mins per day as well as running a couch to 5k program three times a week (outside).

    The suggestion of YouTube is a good one... loads of work outs on there just remember to start at a low level one. Jumping in at Insanity level probably isn't advised!

    Up and down the stairs is another good one. Also doing 'weights' with tins of stuff. Google fitness challenges and you'll find a load of 30 day challenges.
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    I forgot I had zumba for the wii, once I get back into my own house I am going to do that

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