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    Weigh in tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.15am! I really need a loss after my first gain last week

    I've been pretty good so far but just want to 'boost' it today!

    I don't know if that's even possible? If so what could I do?


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    Not sure if anything genuinely works but the day before weigh in I make sure I drink plenty and swap coffee for peppermint tea. Without being too graphic, it helps me 'go'!
    Eat lightly/plenty of superfree so its easy to digest?
    That's all I can think of!
    Good luck and try not to worry about it, its just one week
    Rosie x

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    Im not sure if it helps but I try to swap coffee for herbal tea (usually cammomile)
    I try to fill up at breakfast time (but stay as SF and low syn as I can)
    Have a light lunch and evening meal and eat nothing too 'heavy'- try and stay away from pasta and potatoes come evening meal. I like to have Fish and veggies most days before WI. I tend to use my B choice as a slice of toast in the morning or 1 alpen light bar.

    There is a woman who goes to one of the groups I've attended and she swears by fish for a good loss (Ithink she sticks to it for most of the week though, not just the day before)

    Remember this is a journey though and there are no quick fixes, just learn from any hiccups, draw a line and move on

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    When I went to class I always had loads of coffee during the day as that really clears out my system

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    Maybe switch to Success Express for a day to see if it can help you whittle a bit more off?

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    I agree with the others who mentioned green / herbal tea. I'm not sure if this works but it makes me feel slimmer and helps me "go" too!

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