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Thread: Feeling Unmotivated! HELP

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    Feeling Unmotivated! HELP


    I'm new to this site (My first really long post too, sorry) but have been doing Slimming World since November 2013 and have used this site to help me out a lot!

    Recently i have been so unmotivated for a number of reasons.

    Everyone around me seems to eat whatever they want whenever they want while they stay stick thin (i'm not exaggerating) and it really frustrates me to the point i get angry at them and feel like crying for being so selfish lol! .. This leads me to losing track on weekends. I try to do flexi syns but as i'm quite young and go out a lot i forget that drink involves syns and i just end up pretending i never had them or lose count.. I know what i'm doing wrong and i'm an idiot for not being able limit myself as it again goes back to the people around me doing it without a second thought and without precautions.

    Also, I have now lost just over a stone (want at least another stone) and people have noticed and tell me i don't need to lose anymore. Its obvious that i do but when you get comments like this its easy to say, oh well..

    Lastly, I'm running out of ideas for meals - i never use to cook before this and now i am the main cook and do enjoy making meals, but its starting to turn into a cycle, especially for lunch times when i'm at work.

    I just want to know how everyone on here keeps their motivation up and if i'm not the only one that feels like this! Recipe ideas would also be great too, im on Extra Easy.

    Sorry again for the silly amount of words and thanks to anyone who replies x

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    Hello CJ, you have come to the right place for help and inspiration. This is a brilliant website with some very kind and helpful people. Have you looked at the slimming world recipe section? There are some excellent threads there with some brilliant recies for all tastes both seet and savoury. Good luck with your weightloss.
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    It may take a long time but I am trying

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    Im always here!

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    Why don't you look at some of the diaries for food ideas.

    is it the weekends which cause you to go off plan?

    You could have your syns weekly, but that will mean counting all of them when your out, a tip I picked up from here was to take a straw for every drink that will help you count the syns later.

    Take those compliments & keep those in mind when you're struggling.

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    I'm sorry you're struggling lately, I find motivation by looking at success stories, recipes and remembering why I started in the first place.

    The only advice I can really give is to try and focus on yourself rather than other people and do what's right for you, learn when to quit but also still enjoy yourself within moderation. Draw a line under your bad day, keep a food diary if it helps keep track of syns. Maybe set an alcohol limit before you go out, stick to it then change to diet coke or lemonade after that, you don't necessarily need alcohol to have a good time. As for people telling you that you don't need to lose anymore weight, that's up to you. Have you looked on the NHS height/ weight chart? maybe this will help you set a target weight to aim for so that your in a healthy range for your height?
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    Hi CJ
    I know what you mean! A few friends I know seem to eat/drink whatever they like and their bodies don't change and it is frustrating!
    I am also a bit bad on weekends- I wouldn't say I'm a 'big drinker' but when I do go out I like to have more than one or two.
    I try to stick to Extra Dry Martini and diet coke (only 2.5 syns) as even if I have more than I intended to, the damage isn't so bad- used to drink wine at like 9syns for a large glass!
    I try and refrain from takeaways- I did cave in and get a pizza a few weeks ago and it was so disappointing I wished I hadn't! I keep this in mind now.
    I agree with the others about looking at the recipe section, it's really good. Also I try to cook at least one new meal a week- more if I can. Prevents boredom!
    Hope this helps
    Rosie x

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    Just another thought.... you say you are quite young. Am I right in thinking your friends who eat anything they want are similar age to you? If so, remember that many young people are able to eat anything and still stay thin but as they get older it becomes harder and harder to do this. You might be showing the pounds now, but you are also tackling it right now, so as you get older together you will have the tools in your basket to keep the weight under control whereas they will suddenly discover that they can no longer eat what they want and will have to start the learning curve from scratch. Maybe a bit of delayed satisfaction to counter your current frustration and disappointment, but it is never too early to start a healthy lifestyle.

    The point of making this a lifestyle and not a diet is exactly so that you can still go out a lot and enjoy your social life. It is learning how to manage both living a normal life and keeping the weight under control that is hard to start with, but it does become easier with time. As for your other questions the replies above are excellent. There is so much advice available here on this site, like dedicated lunch recipe ideas threads. I too have the packed lunch for work problem. I get bored with sandwiches (and I don't particularly like wholewheat bread) so some of the things I have tried are...

    baked potatoes with toppings (often leftovers from a bolognaise or a stew)
    pasta salads
    couscous salads
    when I'm in a hurry - ready cooked chicken breast from the cooked meat aisle and a ready made salad from the supermarket. I keep a bottle of fat free vinaigrette in the fridge at work to liven this up
    Boiled eggs - I love them cold sliced onto a slice of toast or crispbread spread with marmite
    SW quiche - make a big one and cut into slices or make mini ones in a muffin tin
    A "ploughmans lunch" platter of asparagus spears (I love the pre-cooked bottled ones), boiled eggs, slices of ham, baby beetroots, cherry tomatoes, gerkins, pickled onions, apple slices, grapes and HEA cheeses.

    Don't lose heart hun, we are all in the same boat. You are not alone.
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    Another thing to think about - "Everyone around me can eat whatever they want and not put on weight" - unless you're with someone 24/7 you don't know what else they are (or aren't) eating and drinking. If you see someone once a week for a night out there's nothing to say they don't unconsciously or deliberately control what they take in the rest of the time. And oddly, some people might tell you they eat and drink much more than they actually do.
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    Refocusing for 2015!
    January : -4lbs

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    Food diaries are good to assist with you keeping track if you feel like you may lose control or aren't happy with the results you are having on some weeks.
    Flexi-synning is fine so long as you aren't using a lot of your syns for other days of the week, otherwise you may be going over your allowance without realising it.

    As for Lunch ideas, there are lots of recipes on here but there are also ideas on the Slimming World website and their books are really handy as well.

    If you go to group, it can give you some recipe ideas as well as advice about anything you are unsure of

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    I've only just re-started slimming world. So far I've lost 9lbs and everything was going great and I felt like I was getting in to the swing of things, starting to enjoy cooking and very rarely felt the need for any syns a day! I'm quite young too and do enjoy a night out. My friends were trying to convince me to go to the pub yesterday and at first I said no because I just knew it would ruin my hard work and determination over the last week or two but after a hard day at work I decided to go. I took a packet of wotsits and some turkey chunks in my handbag (as I knew I'd have a few too many and need some food!). Didn't end up eating either. I had a pitcher of woo woo, a large glass of rose, about three glasses of lambrini, 4 shots and a double malibu and diet coke. Then my friend drove us to McDonalds (BIG MISTAKE) where I got a McChicken sandwich and chips WITH mozzarella dippers!!!! Then I woke up this morning and had a cheese and ham toastie from Costa because I was so hungover I just wanted something substantial (later found out that it is over 20 syns just for the toastie!!!!). Feeling completely demotivated I then ordered from the kebab shop for tea...

    I just want you to know you are not alone!!! I feel like this weekend has been a complete write off (and it's not even Sunday yet!). I know I'll get back on track but I am worried as I have a wedding next weekend and a bar mitzvah the weekend after and I am not one to say no to alcohol! And, for me, alcohol goes hand in hand with food.

    If anyone has any tips on how to cope with nights out then I'd appreciate some advice too please!

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    Wow, thank you so much everyone for your support already, its nice to know i'm not alone. I will certainly be searching some of the recipes up (once i figure out how to navigate this site lol). I think i'm going to start from scratch and take the advise by writing up a food diary and also the straw idea sounds great! I guess like Revy states, i need to stop moping around and comparing to other people - ''try and focus on yourself rather than other people''.. Thanks again for all your advice xx

    lentiljayra - i have had a piece of advise about nights out, and that's body magic. My friend and I are doing it and whenever we go out we make sure we dance as much as we can. My instructor told me that every little helps, so i give it a go

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