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Thread: help with slimming world

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    help with slimming world

    I know that tried ww and sw so many times and lost in the first week. However, my weight will stall and didn't lose anything no matter what i did. Water, eat more superfree etc. Now I've realised that my IBS hates Carbs and my partner noticed that my portion sizes were getting bigger week by week. He said on ww i had my portion size under control but i ate too much junk. Namely ready meals and cook less and ate too much bread. However, on sw i cooked everything but my rice and Carbs went up. My consultant at sw is lovely but it was so disheartening to go every week and not lose week after week no matter how much i cutback on Carbs and checked my superfree. Having dieted half my life i decided to give up. I was the only one who stuck 100%to plan and didn't lose. Spoke to doctor and everyone didn't know how to fix it.

    So now I have discovered a way round using fitness pal and sw and 5:2 diet. It seems the only way to reboot my body back to losing weight. However I do want to go back to my sw class eventually as it was great but as I am diet that combines and it may be a problem. Any ideas do I lie in class about my diet?

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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you've had a problem losing weight, this sounds very frustrating and must have been very demotivating. I'm pleased to hear you have found a solution that is now working for you.

    I'm not sure there is anything to be gained by fibbing if you want to return to the support of the group. I would be tempted to go along and discuss this with the consultant on a one-to-one basis and explain what has happened. They should be happy to welcome you back, especially as you had said SW themselves have not been able to offer an explanation or solution to the problem in the first instance. However, I don't imagine they would want you to openly suggest others try the same approach and may possibly ask you to keep the information to yourself. It's very difficult to say, if you still have the consultants contact details you could ring or email?
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    I would go along to the group anyway, you definitely won't be the only person who attends a group and doesn't 100% follow their plan.

    I probably wouldn't mention it to anyone and if she asks you what you've been eating this week, you won't be lying if you're incorporating SW into your diet, so just say what SW foods you've enjoyed that week.

    Just wanted to ask though, have you given a week of red days a go? If carbs are your problem, red days might be the solution?

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