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    Yearly awards

    Could someone please tell me what all the once-a-year awards are, when they are, and what you need to do/lose to win within your group?

    Thank you
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    Not sure exactly when they are, but the ones I can remember (please anyone correct me if I am wrong!) off the top of my head are:

    Woman of the Year: Voted for by your group as the woman other members find most inspirational. Not just a weight loss related award - it may be that you particpate and share lots of things in group, offer lots of support, etc.

    Man of the Year: The male equivalent of the above.

    Young Slimmer of the Year: Similar to the above, but specifically for those aged 18-20.

    Couple of the year: Similar to the above, but awarded to couples who attend group together.

    Miss Slinky: Again, voted for by your group. Members vote for the woman they think is looking great, someone they find to be inspirational, etc.

    Biggest Loser: The person in group, male or female, who has lost the most weight that year. Based solely on weight loss alone.

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    Man of the year was a couple of weeks ago ( group level )
    Greatest loser finals was in May, group level a month or so before that..

    Diamond member of the year is in a few weeks time ( group level )

    Woman of the year finals is in November sometime ( again with group level / regionals etc a few months before that.. )

    Young slimmer was a few weeks back ( finals )

    Couple of the year finals was a month or so before the greatest loser finals..

    It's pretty much one every month or so..

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