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Thread: Syn free days

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    Syn free days

    I had my first syn free day yesterday. It was great because i now have 30 syns today to have a chinese. Anyone else do this?

    Xmas Challenge October to December 24th.

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    They don't recommend you roll over your syns to the next day - how about making it a flexi syn day? Count all of your syns in one day, then from tomorrow just stick to your 5-15 a day thereafter.
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    I'm confused... i thought you could save syns up - is that flexisynning? I've cut back since Wednesday - had 12.5 and 5.5, i've only had 2.5 so far today... as I'm out this evening, I wanted to have wine - so I was going to do the same thing for the next couple of days - cut my syns right back until I've caught up (ie - banked enough for my 27 syns for a bottle of wine....!).

    I'm only on week 2 so I may be getting this completely wrong. Help!!

    Lynne x

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    I don't see the problem with this, although 5 syns a day is the minimum we're allowed isn't it, so maybe drop to 5 and store the other 10? Cutting back but not being without syns seems to be better x
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    Official line is that you use 5-15 a day and not roll over however most consultants say that if 105 a week works for you, there's nothing wrong with doing it xx
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    I have my syns on Tuesday I'm syn free other days. Occasionally have 5-10 on a Friday /Saturday

    Find I feel better and mentally its easier!

    If weekly works for you no problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikaroo View Post
    Official line is that you use 5-15 a day and not roll over however most consultants say that if 105 a week works for you, there's nothing wrong with doing it xx
    Yes, the key is to keep an eye on your losses, and if they're not affected, then there's no problem. I work on 70-105 a week, and have most of them at the weekend. It's worked for me so far, but if I stop losing, then I'll change it.

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