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    Hi, I am new to SW a d I apologise that this might have been asked before.

    Do I have to have 1/3 superfree at each meal sitting? I ask as I am finding breakfast difficult.

    I can manage 1/3 at lunch and dinner, but breakfast gets me.

    I like an egg based breakfast, boiled, fried, scrambled, etc etc and sometimes add beans but they aren't super free.

    I don't like cereal and I have yogurt for after lunch or dinner.

    I do snack on fruit. Is that sufficient instead of having it with brekkie?
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    Its recommended on all plans but not mandatory on any xx

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    In essence, no. SW say that certain meals and foods don't require an additional 1/3 superfree.

    I personally never have superfree with breakfast as I find I can't fit it in to what I eat.
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    I agree it is only a recommendation, partly to limit your portion sizes and add extra fruit and veg into your diet.

    Have you tried canned plum or grilled cherry tomatoes and/or mushrooms with your eggs? I boil canned tomatoes until the juice thickens, love it with scrambled egg. xxxx
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