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Thread: Does flying make you gain weight?

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    Cool Does flying make you gain weight?

    Hello! Newby member to MiniMins but three months in to Slimming World. I just achieved my club ten award (yay!) so I was hoping to maintain or lose for 10 weeks so I can get my free week. However... I'm going to Greece next week, I am fine with sticking to plan while I'm there (thank god Feta is a HEA!) but I've been told that flying alone can make you gain pounds. I return home on the sunday and have a weigh in on the Monday, does anyone have any tips on how to stop any water retention that will make me gain? Or shall I just book two weeks off so I have a better chance of shifting the water bloat in my week at home...


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    I always gain a few pounds when I fly......and can literally see the fluid rentention in my ankles and fingers. Hmmm very attractive! For me, it's usually only on long haul fights though rather than short ones.
    We flew out to Spain last Saturday and I was fine but earlier on in the year, we flew to South Africa and I had to sleep with my feet raised up on pillows for a few days in order for my ankles to go down! It's actually quite painful.
    It usually goes in a few days but I guess everyone is different.

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    It could make you dehydrated with would cause water retention, so drinking water/herbal teas ect will help. Also try to walk around on the flight as much as you can x

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    Can you go to another class later in the week ?

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    I fly long haul to NZ and get really bad water retention. I usually put on a couple of pounds anyway in the 4 weeks I am there.
    I always weigh on the first weigh day I can. I think even if you have some fluid retention if you weigh ASAP and have a "weight gain" you will see it off the following week. I think the danger of not weighing is that your brain may think it ok to not bother too much for the following week. Good luck and whatever you decide, but do weigh at some point.
    Doreen x

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