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Thread: it feels impossible...

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    Angry it feels impossible...

    Hi there,

    Im new to this place, and am looking for some support and maybe help?

    I started my diet on Friday. i am following the slimming world extra easy diet.

    it went well for the first day, but then when i was looking in my kitchen for some healthy options to make for my meals, i realized that i did have anything in that would suit the plan. i'd gone shopping not to long before i decided i wanted to start my diet, so wasn't prepared.
    anyway i figured i would just do what i can with the food i have until next month, and then i will do it properly.
    the reason why i say next month is because we do a monthly shop.

    I decided to sit down and do my self a weekly diet plan, so that i could make a shopping list of everything i would need.
    i decided it would be a lot easier if i did a weekly shop so that i could buy fresh fruit and veg and not have to worry about it lasting.

    i worked out each meal and portion, so i knew exactly how much i needed for the week.
    i made sure that the meals were simple so that it would be cheap, and once i had completed my weekly shopping list i decided to check to see how much it would be...

    the cheapest was Asda @66.24!!!!!!!!!! for one person to eat a healthy balanced diet a week!
    as i mentioned earlier, i live with my partner and we go shopping once a month. we spend 100 for both of us! (thats our upper budget)

    i checked on price comparison sites and this is the cheapest i could find.
    i also made a point of choosing the cheapest option for each item rather that going for quality. such as smart price and so on...

    66.24 a week - thats approximately 264.96 per month! FOR ONE PERSON! thats enough to feed a whole family if your not on a diet!

    i physically can not afford it. and THIS is why i always start diets and then stop. because its so expensive!

    i just don't know what to do...has anyone else had the same problem? how do you all deal with this?

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    It can be as inexpensive as you need it to be - meal planning is certainly a good start but take advantage of special offers, shop around for deals, shop seasonally, use frozen fruit and veggies, batch cook, use leftovers and don't waste anything. Trade down on brand name products. Do some meatfree days, make any meat you buy go further by bulking it out with lentils, pulses, veggies or meat free mince. Lots of supermarkets do 3 for 10 deals on meat. Aldi and lidl are also often more economical than mainstream supermarkets. You also be more expensive at first if you are having to stock up on basic ingredients for the first time. You'll find lots of suggestions here

    Supermarket Shopping Tips: 30 top tools 'n' tricks to slash food bills...

    There is a person on another online group I know who feeds a family of five for eight weeks on what you have calculated here so it can definitely be done

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