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Thread: Ruining all my hard work!! Need a buddy!

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    Ruining all my hard work!! Need a buddy!

    Hi all,

    This is the first time I've ever posted on these forums, although I'm a regular reader and always popping on to look for new meal/recipe ideas.

    In Spring 2010 I weighed 15st 2lbs, I'm 5ft 11" tall and have always been told "yes but you're tall, you carry weight easier, blah blah blah!" Needless to say, I knew I needed to (and desperately wanted to) lose weight, 4 stone to be exact. I was 23 at this point and had spent the best part of 10 years very unhappy with my weight and yo-yo dieting, not really getting anywhere. This was my time, the time I wouldn't let myself fail, and in Summer 2012, I was overjoyed to hit my goal weight of 11st 2lbs. It was so hard to do, and definitely not an overnight success by any means, the last stone was a nightmare to shed and took every ounce of willpower and motivation I had, very regular gym sessions and strict eating. Most of the weight was shed by following weight watchers. I vowed to myself and everyone that I'd never go back, or let myself slip.

    Once I got to my goal I relaxed a little bit, exercise became less frequent and my weight regulated seemingly quite easily at around 11st 6lbs, I could live with that - my new clothes all still fit me fine and I still felt good. A year passed, and this was still the case. However, since last September, the extra pounds have started to creep on and I've crept up to over 12st. I'm SO disappointed in myself that I didn't get a grip before now, but here I am feeling wobbly, miserable and like a failure. I've had a comment at work that I'm no longer as slim as I was when I first started the job just after I'd hit my goal (how lovely!!) and the worst part is for the life of me I CANNOT get myself back on track!! Since christmas especially I've fallen to pieces with my diet. I've recently found some resolve, I'll have a good week, even manage to drag myself to the gym or an exercise class a few times and then I'll fall off the wagon again for a fortnight, before trying to get back on track and only lasting a week again. On and off, on and off - I'm getting nowhere, fast! I moved out of home in November, me and my fiancée bought out first house together and I know the the happiness/contentment hasn't helped at all. Takeaways are so easy to get, especially when I'm just getting used to cooking/shopping for myself.

    I feel like I need a diet buddy to keep in contact with, who understands and can give me the kick up the @rse that I need. I can't let my junk food/chocolate addictions spiral me back to where I was. I've tasted what it's like to feel happy, confident and comfortable on my own skin for once in my life and I so desperately want to get back there. I understand there are other dieters with much bigger mountains to climb and my problems probably sound trivial, but we all know what it's like to feel crap about yourself, whether you're battling with 1 stone or 5 stone etc!

    So sorry for the essay guys, anyone who can help me out there?!

    Thanks xx

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    Hey Kit,

    I'll be your buddy! Same thing happened to me. Lost 6 stone then gained it all back I have a tonne of clothes that used to fit and now aren't even close!

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    Nah, I understand where you are coming from too. It's too easy to order food in when you are tired and stressed or wonder when the heck you're going to exercise because you know that getting up early would just slay you but then there is no energy left in the evening either.

    If you still want a buddy, I need one too :-)

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    You've done it once: you can do it again. Don't look to the past. Your new YOU starts... NOW!


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    Totally in touch with this emotion! I lost 6 stone, gained a lot of it back and starting again. I joined this forum yesterday and looking to make a success of it. I would like to be a buddy and have a buddy, too. Love the slogan, "Together we can do it!" Xxx

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