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Thread: Eating for one

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    Eating for one

    Hey guys,

    I am new to all of this so bare with me.

    You all seem so helpful and friendly so I thought I might as well join to help fellow slimmers

    My boyfriend plays football quite alot and doesn't get home until late and I'm fed up of having to cook a big tea late and not getting to eat it until about 9PM, whichI know isn't good for you.

    Does anyone have any top tips or recipes for me, so I can russle up something quick and easy for myself, without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

    Budget doesn't really matter, but I do like to use my cupboard staples quite alot.


    J x

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    Im always here!

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    Why don't you do some batch cooking and freeze it in portions? Other than stirfry i can't think of many veg heavy recipes that are super quick? Chillies, curries and stews all freeze well though

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    Batch cooking is an excellent idea. You could also just cook tea for both of you as normal, and plate his up so he can just bung it in the microwave when he gets in (I do this for my flatmate who works late and he doesn't complain - he's just grateful he doesn't have to cook when he gets in!)

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    yeah batch cooked currys and syn free sauces so you can quickly add to pasta and rice

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    I live on my own with my daughter and sometimes find I'm not getting dinner to really late with finishing work late and sorting her out but I always have some sauces in the freezer and anything I make that's left over either use it next day or freeze it. Curry's, lasagnes, even casseroles.

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    Chicken breasts are always a good bet.. with a savory rice r few veggies

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    There's a lot of great advice been given already but have you thought about using a slow cooker? You can rustle up plenty of tasty dishes in them and I know it takes a few hours but as long as you prepare the meal before hand (in the morning or afternoon) you'll have your meal when you want it in the evening and your boyfriend can also eat it when he arrives home. There's plenty of great SW friendly recipes on here to try

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