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Thread: Sushi Syn Value

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    Question Sushi Syn Value

    hello ladies
    i started SW yesterday and this is my first post
    please dont lynch me if this is in the wrong place!!

    does sushi rice count as 'rice' i.e can i eat this free on green days?
    any idea if seaweed (nori) is a syn?

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    i would say no cause isnt sushi fish?,you cant have fish on a red day unless its from your healthy extra

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    No sushi isn't necessarily fish. I would think that the rice will be free as long as there are no oils used in the preparation.
    And here's the info on seaweed.

    Basic/Non Branded Foods Vegetables, Seaweed, raw/cooked without fat per 100g

    Original Free Green Free

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    You do have to allow some syns for sushi - not a lot though. They use a binding agent in the rice to make it sticky, and so it's not strictly free.

    I sometimes have the supermarket packs for lunch (not as good as proper stuff but it'll do sometimes, when the urge strikes, which is usually once a week!)

    If it's vegetarian, I allow 1-2 syns a pack. If fish, syn the fishy stuff or choose and EE day.

    Some supermarket sushi is on lifeline online

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    Sushi rice in a restaurant will be just the glutinous rice mixed with rice vinegar. Nori, soy, wasabi and pickled ginger are free so the only thing you have to allow for is if you are having the fish as a HEX, or in some california rolls they have sesame seeds and mayo.

    Have it on a EE day and it is great. I ate a TON of it on Saturday at a lovely restaurant in Manchester. I also make my own occasionally as then I know exactly what is going into it.

    They have started selling the uncooked rice, nori, etc at larger supermarkets (My Tesco's have them) or you could find a nice oriental shop? My favourite food ever

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    i tend to make my own (&lots of it) so its good to know!

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