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Thread: Sage and Onion Stuffing

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    Question Sage and Onion Stuffing

    i know this has been asked but can anyone tell me what the syn value of Sage and onion stuffing is......

    i made a stew last night and to thinken it up I put sage and onion stuffing in dry in it it was yummy but i dont know what to syn it as .... ??

    thank you in advance..
    Fell off the wagon and have now put ON the weight I lost

    So here we go again...

    17/1/2011 start sw... 18st2llb


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    In my picture is me before starting the diet i am wearing a bridesmaids dress similar to the one i plan to wear for my mates wedding next year so thought it would be good to compare for the now and then pics when i have lost weight

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    That's a good idea, pretty high in syns though, eh?

    Remember, it's always quickest and easiest to use the 'search' box, up in the top right, when looking for answers like this, especially when you know it's been covered before x
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    sounds tasty but I keep a apack of syn free mash in case I need to thicken stuff.

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