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Thread: first week completed on TF

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    first week completed on TF

    Well I have just completed my first week on TF and have lost 8LB, Yay I can't quite believe it! I have done every diet out there and only really found success with cambridge however I could not live long term on shakes alone.

    This diet has the best of everything I am chewing food and have even had a small glass of wine so I have not felt deprived just very healthy; well after my caffine head had gone anyway hahaha.

    I have about 2 stone to loose and feel reasonably confident this could be the way to do it.

    I just wondered on average what weekly weight loss this diet seem to produce for everyone?

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    Well done - that's a great first week!!

    As for averages - don't know, sorry. Don't think anyone's been on it long enough to day


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