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Thread: What do you eat the day before a weigh-in?

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    What do you eat the day before a weigh-in?

    Hi Everyone

    i have my first weigh in this Wednesday and I've had a really bad week to start slimming world! Saturday was the worst day! I won't bore you with what I ate but it involved McDonald's and homemade pizza and a bottle of vino!

    So my question is what do you all eat the day before a weight-in??

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    Usually I have a couple of bad days where I order takeaway or something (I don't go too crazy though lol) but for the other 5 I stick within my syns. Usually I try a syn free day the day before as we'll

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    Hi Roxy, I tend to have my normal breakfast a 0% Activia yogurt and some grapes mixed in for lunch I tend to have a huge bowl of mixed Veg, with beans on toast, and for Tea i will have maybe Cod and SW chips. with lots of fruit for afters.
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    hi there. i'm on weight watchers with the last eight weeks. i'm very bold really but the way i manage it is, ove the weekend i end up eating a few!!!!! crunchies, or a few!!!!! creme eggs and i put down the crunchie a day or two ahead, and the same for the creme egg. but then my weigh in day is thursday and i could end up with 16 points gone already for the wednesday before i even get up!!!!!! and that included taking from the weekly 49. I know if i was better i would lose more....but i'm not putting it up!!!!!! and half pound or a quarter of a pound to lose i am happy with that.....i know i should do better though.....i always end up going over the points then on a wed......i can't just eat nothing!!!! but i try to just eat beans and eggs and brown bread and bananas and apples , that type of food..... if i go to mcdonalds i can point it and last night the children wanted take away chips and i put on oven chips for myself so i could point it, and that is a huge thing for me to do....and i will have a crunchie instead of something very fattening in the line of chocolate so that seems to work for me???

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    What to eat before a weigh-in ? Air Pie
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    Agree with RichL, I don't do anything differently to my other days.

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    Try to eat less

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    i want to say i dont eat any different but i do tend to cut down on the carbs a bit! Know u shouldnt but these scales put the fear of death in me lol

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