this time last year i was 8 stone 4. which for my 5 foot 2 height is not bad. a little too thin maybe but it wasnt intentional. i was working too hard. but as life in the fast lane slowed to a comfortable pace and the comforts of eating take away infrontof the fire with James were getting more regular until an eventual stop of cooking altogether i gained. not too much obviously. ive always been a comfortable weight and never went across the line of overweight so im lucky. (i have a high metabolism) but i started a new job and the food there is incredible (and very high in fat). i didnt notice that i had gained 6 pounds in 3 months. neither did James (yeah right)
so its time to shift.
ive never been to a gym in my life. i dont have any self control and i LOVE kebabs. help me. i need support. a need a little angel to stop the devil in me. just to shift these 6 pounds and maybe more to get back down to a happier me and into my dresses and jeans.

Rebecca, 24, NI