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Thread: The beginning of my weight-loss journey

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    Talking The beginning of my weight-loss journey


    I've just started using this website today for support on the Slimming World Extra Easy diet. I've seen my step-dad have huge success with this diet but I've always ignored my weight problem. Recently I hit a size 20 in clothing and I decided I have to change something soon while I'm still young (18). I'm heading off to university next year in September but I'm worried about being the 'big' girl there.
    I've always been bigger than other girls in both height and weight but today something clicked in my mind and I want to make a change after seeing photographs of myself at a barbecue. I felt ashamed and thought I looked like some sort of whale! It was horrid and I find myself comparing myself to other girls at school and wondering why that couldnt be me- I decided today that it could be.

    Sorry if this post is a little weird, I'm new to this forum but excited to begin documenting my experiences to keep me motivated

    H x

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    aw, good luck on the weight loss, I understand on how you feel about always being the big girl with your friends.

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    This is just the kind of mindset you need! Attitude makes all the difference- go for it!! Xx

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    Very best of luck lemonade. As you say you're young and could shape (pardon the pun) the whole of your 20s by getting to a happy place now. Nothing wrong with being a size 20 at all but if you're not happy then defo time to do something. I'm sure you'll get there with us here to support you xx

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