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Thread: Gotta Lose this tummy!!!

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    Gotta Lose this tummy!!!

    Well I think the subject line says it all. I have a tummy, a big one. I hate it! Ever since I turned 18 the pounds have slowly crept up on me. I'm an emotional eater, happy, sad, frustrated, stressed, elated etc... I had my son almost 3 years ago and would you believe I lost weight while I was pregnant. Post baby I weighed less than what I did pre baby! It felt great but new baby stress kicked in and I started to binge big time. I've recently decided that this was my way of coping with PND and it just grew from there.

    So now I'm determined to lose the belly! And other areas too ?

    I weighed in at 12st 4lbs!
    2nd weigh in I lost 3.5lbs!
    3rd weigh in I lost 2lbs!
    Here's hoping for my 1/2 stone loss on my next weigh in ?

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    Welcome sue - a great start!

    Exactly what happened to me - lost weight when pregnant and put it on after.

    Your start weight is close to mine so I know where you're coming from. On iPhone so can't see your stats or target weight but based on the great start you've had in sure you'll get there
    Summer 2013 - 12st
    March 2014 - 11st5lbs
    June 2014 -
    10st6lbs (Joined Minis)
    July - November 2014 Weight Loss - 21lbs
    November 2014 - 8st13lbs (lowest weight in a decade achieved mid November)
    December Weight gain - 9st 13.5lbs (14.5 Pounds) oh dear!! Couple of holidays, 35/40 nights partying (Nov to year end)
    January Weight Loss - 9st 9lbs (4.5lbs lost)
    February Weight Gain - 9st 10lbs (1lb gain) - 2 weeks in Hong Kong on business and 15 nights out :-(
    March - ** Start Point ** 9st 10lbs
    06/03 -9st 8lbs - 2lb lost
    13/03 - 2lb loss target
    - 2lb loss target
    27/03 - 2lb loss target
    March - ** End Point **
    9st 2lbs - TARGET

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