So I have decided to do something about this hideous addiction to any form of snack. Lately I have been snacking so much I have felt so guilty afterwards that I refuse to eat lunch/dinner, which is no way good for me!

I am going to try the Simply Start diet, and I will start tomorrow.

I have weighed myself this morning and was 10 st 7lb. Not great! I want to lose a stone by the beginning of October, and I am hoping this will help. I have tried Propoints but found that I ended up just using my points on bad food eg greggs sausage rolls! and then just ploughing through the extra points in the first couple of days. I am hoping by having a strict set amount of foods without diverting into bad choices I can start to shift some of this weight!

I live with a partner who is super slim, and can eat anything he wants, which hasn't helped my cause as he is also a chocoholic! Now's the time to really do something!

Tomorrow I plan on having the following :

Breakfast : 2 x shredded wheat, skimmed milk & artificial sweetner

Lunch : 1 x small jacket potato, tinned tuna, sweetcorn and 1 tbsp red. fat mayo (1 extra treat point)

Dinner : chicken breast stuffed with harissa paste, brown rice & babycorn & green beans

Probably not having enough fruit and veg but pay day is lurking this week so I shall do a big food shop then