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Thread: Thank goodness I've found you!

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    Smile Thank goodness I've found you!

    At last, a way to do WW the old way. I was doing fine, and lost 2.5 stone, when they changed the system to propoints, was it in Nov 2011? All I remember is that one week it was VP, then all of a sudden it was PP and I had to buy all new stuff. Since then my weight loss stopped and I put it all back on.

    Fast forward to to present day and I still need to lose that 2.5 stone. I have high cholesterol and a history of heart disease in the family. VP was the only way I found that was an easy and effective way to lose weight. Regretting turfing all my old WW stuff out, so I'm really pleased to have found this forum.

    Need a couple of days to just reacquaint myself with the system, but D Day will be Wednesday.

    Wish me luck

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    Im always here!

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    I wish you luck!

    I'm half way through the first week on vintage points - I did Time To Eat years ago but wasn't in the right head space for it. Have tried many diets since, learning a lot about myself and good nutrition along the way. Had my greatest success a couple of years ago with Slim and Save but that was in prep for a hip replacement and since then my weight has slowly crept up again, though I am four stone below my very top weight! I bought a neat little package of Discovery booklets, including the calculator, from someone on ebay and think it gives all the info I need. I need to keep things simple and am enjoying the plan so far.....

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