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Thread: Gym / Excercise

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    Gym / Excercise

    Hi all and Happy Christmas (bit late!)

    I was wondering if anyone had followed WW and really exercised as in going to the gym 3+ times a week and seen a real difference, or did it slow the scale weight down?

    I'd heard before that some people didnt do anything and lost loads, and some went to the gym all the time and found losses slower.....
    Looking forward to my weight loss journey
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    I've done WW 3 times (1 without exercise and 2 with exercise)

    Personally I find the exercise boosted the weight loss but I did up my fruit/veg intake but never ate my activity points.

    I'd say if you're making up lots of activity points weekly, use some of them your overall calorie intake could be to low.

    I know when i did the insanity workout you was encouraged to eat back your burnt calories to take you back to a stable amount of calories (still within the recommended amount for weight loss)

    Hope that is some help. Good luck
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    I have always exercised, was even competive body builder back in the day. Love the look of Insanity, in all aspects but with really knackered lower discs the impact stuff even on the shred leave me wrecked. Well done on having motivation to you both as right now I have cheap gym access due to my back, the gym is maybe 500 mtrs away from my front door and I have type of knowledge that people have to pay trainers for and do you think I can be ar5ed? Ridiculous.

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    I followed WW whilst marathon training last year. Ate all my activity points and lost a stone in 5 weeks BUT sadly put it on again when I stopped WW and ran less...

    this time I'm trying the no- count plan (filling and healthy) to see if I can get in good habits that I can maintain long term...
    Week 1 (SW): -1 lb

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