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Thread: Can i start with propoints?

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    Can i start with propoints?

    Hi there,

    I'm planning on starting weight watchers today but there isn't a local group until Monday. I don't want to do the simple start plan, I've just finished struggling with slimming world and feel it's too similar, I need a complete change. Does anyone know if I join monthly pass today can I opt to not do the new plan and go with pro points straight away?

    Thanks in advance :-)

    Catherine xx

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    You don't have to follow Simple Start, I went straight onto Pro Points

    Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!

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    Yes I started two weeks ago straight onto propoints. I went straight from slimming world and explained that it wasn't working for me and the leader suggested it.

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    I started with propoints, I find it easier to have some control by only having a certain number of points... I don't seem to have a shut off button to tell me I'm not hungry anymore... :s

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    Can I ask how your getting on switching from SW to WW ? I am thinking of doing the same x

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    Me and my mom both switched from sw to ww on the same day. My mom followed simple start and i went straight onto pp. i looked at what my mom was eatting and even though it was all free i knew she'd have a shock on the scales and she dis. She put on 5lb in her first week because like with sw she didnt have anything telling her ok its time to stop now.

    I love the pp plan. So far ive lost 1st 6lb with a few blips but we all have them. But i have lost dramtic inches dropping from a size 18/20 to 12/14. So even though the scales arent being overly nice to me after 4 months i know its working as i have a nice new wardrobe full of clothes. Im so confident i went out and brought a summer dress in a size 10.

    Believe me if i can do it you can. I have the weakest willpower ever. My family all call me scooby doo because im always looking for my next 'scoobie' snack haha!
    Goals :
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    2) Enter Onederland!!
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    4) Fit into a size 12
    5) Get below 13st

    06/04/14: 15st 1.5lb 27/04/14: 14st 10lb
    13/04/14: 15st 0lb. 04/05/14: 14st 12lb
    20/04/14: 14st 10lb

    I'm always looking to join other peoples journeys so if you're just like me feel free to join me on my journey to being fit and healthy

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    I started with propoints too and it's really working, I do much better when I'm restricted to a certain amount of points otherwise I have no off switch and just keep on eating!!!
    Dieting for my wedding in October 2014

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