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Thread: The 12's here I come!

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    Goal Date: august 2012

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    The 12's here I come!

    Just wanted to share my news, don't normally weigh in until Friday but I did a cheeky one this morning and the scales surprised me with a wonderful 12st 13 , only just, but I'm out of the teens really happy, and I had a right bad day on mothers day I decided I was having a day off which turned into two days off but I'm back on it now hope you're all well

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    Total Weight Loss: 0st11lb
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    Well done you - Its great when you break a barrier like that!

    Starting weight 16st 5lbs

    Current weight 15st 8lbs

    Lose 52lbs in 2015 - 3/52

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    well done!
    Starting again!
    11st 9.5lbs
    Week1: 11st 2.5lbs (-7lbs)
    Week2: Missed Group
    Week 3: 11st 2.5lbs (STS)
    Week 4: 11st 2lbs (-.5lbs)
    Week 5: 10st 10lbs (-6lbs)
    Week 6: 10st 8lbs (-2lbs)
    Week 7:
    Week 8:
    Week 9:
    Week 10:
    Week 11:
    week 12:

    want to lose two stone

    Lose 7lbs - done
    Lose 5% - done
    Lose 1stone - done
    Get 2 silver 7s - done
    Lose 10% -
    Get below 11st - done
    Beat last goal - done
    Get 3 silver 7s
    Get below 10st 3lbs (always get stuck here)
    Get below 10st
    Get to goal of 9st 10lbs

    Do ALL of the above by 1st April 14

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    Well done,am looking forward to being out of the teens myself,keep up the good work :0)

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