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Thread: Coconut oil?

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    Coconut oil?

    Can somebody tell me if coconut oil is allowed in phase 1? I am off to waterstones tomorrow to pick up my book but don't know if I could do this diet if coconut oil isn't allowed Can anybody help?
    I will reach my target, 2014 is my year for success!!

    Target 1: 10.7st - Reached 25/02/14
    Target 2: 10.0st - Reached 08/04/14
    Target 3: 9.7st (My weight before falling pregnant with my first, never been there since!)
    Target 4: 9.0st (Was this weight at 17)
    Target weight: 8.7st (Can't ever remember being this weight, probably 14/15)

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    This is off the Atkins website of allowed fats

    "Other fats: And don't forget butter, macademia nut oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, sesame oil"

    Hope this helps
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    7th Goal: Get to 13st
    8th Goal: Get to 12st 7lb

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    Some people swear that coconut oil speeds up their weight loss. I use it, myself - but I've been more off Atkins than on lately and am right now struggling to get back into ketosis!

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