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Thread: Trying to slim for September

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    Arrow Trying to slim for September

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm starting a new diary, trying to lose a stone or a stone and a half by mid-September.

    At the moment I'm 11 stone 9.5 (I started at 13 stone 2 in April).

    To make it simpler I add up my calories in units of 60cals (60 cals = 1 point).

    I would love to hear from other dieters

    Today's food!

    Breakfast- a boiled egg, a small portion of All bran and a small glass of juice

    Lunch- a bread muffin with baked beans
    Skinny butternut squash soup

    Snack- quavers

    Dinner- vegetarian spaghetti carbonara (i.e. made with quorn bacon) with salad and extra tomatoes

    Exercise: hopefully going for a run later (possibly 30 mins)
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