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Thread: how do you stay on your diet while you're travelling?

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    how do you stay on your diet while you're travelling?

    this summer I'm not gonna be at home I'll spend 2 months in USA and 1 month in Singapore. I was wondering about what I can do to stay on my diet so I don't gain weight and even loose some.
    so what do you usually do when you're not at the comfort of your home and country and you're with other people so you know you will be going to a lot of resturants

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    Just eat as you would at home if you don't know the meal at a restaurant google it or ask or tot something up that pretty similar. USA should be no problem everything is labeled up I don't about the other.
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    Singapore will be a challenge. It's all about eating and eating out. The food is Chinese, Malay and Indian. Check out low calorie options and portion control.

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    Usa will be the same as they will have nutritional info online or in restaurants etc. singapore will more then likely not but food in china in generally healthy anyway. will you have internet access? if you do your laughing!

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