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    Do you ever find you lose slower if your carb intake is high? I'm really struggling on the last stone but found less carbs made me too hungry. I'm 5'5, 9 and half stone and have 10-14 pounds to go but I'm stuck IV upped carbs to stop binging but it feels so stodgy and like il never lose calories are at 1400:

    toast, egg, 2x egg white, banana

    brown war burton thin, tom purée, dairy lee slice, mushrooms

    vegetable soup, brown bread x 2

    chocolate weetabix with soya milk,

    cups of tea

    would really appreciate your advice x
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    I am very new to this but what immediately stood out to me is the amount of bread. It may not be carbs in general that are the problem but the type of carbs. I am ok with rice and potatoes but as soon as i have bread or pasta i am sluggish, bloated and don't lose weight. Maybe experiment with different carbs.

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    I certainly have that problem too Floss. I try to limit my daily intake of carbs to below 100 if possible and at first it does leave you feeling a mite hungry but you will get used to it..after all it's well worth the effort in the end, isn't it?
    Try to fill up with plenty of the protein items like cheese and eggs etc.
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    Plenty of cheese unfortunately means plenty of calories - at 40o cals for 100gms it does not go far.

    Are you vegetarian as I can't see any meat in your diet?

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