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Thread: Week 3 nearly over

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    Week 3 nearly over

    Last day of week 3 my trousers had been feeling looser but in the last couple of days they feel tight again. I'm also finding it harder to drink the 3ltrs of water that last week I found easy.

    Could the water issue be making me gain inches again?

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    Hmm sounds to me like it could be TOTM perhaps, I normally have 5/6 litres a day but when it's a week or before I'm due on I barely manage 3! It's hard to say if its the water issue or if its just maybe TOTM bloat, I always stay the same or lose 1lb the week I'm due the first time it happened i was sooo upset but the week after i lost 8/9lbs!!! <---- me and my CDC were floored! See what happens this week and the next week so you'll know what to expect for next month too! good luck!

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