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Thread: Returning for the third and final time

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    Returning for the third and final time

    Hey everyone,
    Well here I am for the third and hopefully final time. First did cwp 2.5 years ago where I lost 2.3 stone then tried it again a year later and only managed a measly 5 days. Started on ss+ 20/01/14 and was fine until I got to the weekend so restarted properly on Monday 27th - on day four and feeling fab! Very motivated this time, haven't been moody and even enjoying cooking for the family! It's really strange but I enjoyed doing this last time, I must be a feeder lol! Only good nutritious meals for them so all good as well. hoping to lose 4 -5 stone by May 2014. Still 3 pound less after my mixed first week so waiting until Monday for weigh in - hopefully a good one!


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    Im always here!
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    Sounds like you're in the right headspace!! Hope day 5 has been good x
    Just aiming to be happy

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    good luck for all of us !

    Starting weight 90 Kg…… Target at 65: Tummy tuck

    Progress weight

    Weekend 1 - 84.5 Kg
    Weekend 2 - 82.2 Kg
    Weekend 3 - 81.4 Kg
    Weekend 4 - 80.5 Kg
    Weekend 5 - 79.3 Kg …. bye bye 80sssss
    Weekend 6 - 78.2 Kg
    Weekend 7 -
    Weekend 8 -
    Break …… hope to maintain it
    Weekend 9 -
    Weekend 10 -
    Weekend 11 -
    Weekend 12 -

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