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Thread: Protein shakes

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    Protein shakes

    When I get to goal I'm hoping to become gym obsessed. I want to hit it hard and have an amazing body. And be healthy.

    on my friends loads of people have posted about protein shakes.

    what are they and what do they do? What's the best ones x

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    Good luck !

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    Protein shakes are essentially powder that you mix with water or milk just like the cd shakes. They don't have the vitamins and minerals the cd shakes have but are loaded with good easy to absorb protein. If you do become a gym bunny a protein shake for breakfast (with water it's about 90 kcals) is a good start. It helps your muscles to fix themselves. Having said that a diet with plenty of good protein like chicken, fish etc would do the same thing. Protein shakes are also a bit of an acquired taste, nowhere near as nice as the cd ones!

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