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Thread: Newbie to celebrity slim

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    Newbie to celebrity slim

    I went to the chemist last monday (25th Jan) and ended up having a consultation, and a very shocking weigh in .. so I started my diet on tuesday. I am hoping that with it being monitored at the chemist etc, it should encourage me to stick to it.

    Unfortunately I fell off the wagon on only day 2 and had a ham sandwich which I felt awful about, but compared to what my eating habits were before that wasn't actually so bad.

    I'm struggling when making tea for the children so I have been trying to make sure I eat my meal before I start making theirs. This has done pretty good in helping me resist the temptation to 'pick' at whatever they are having.

    I'm looking forward to my weigh-in on monday, am just keeping my fingers crossed that I see some results.

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    Hi! I've just started too... How has it been going? Well I hope

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