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Thread: Dukan day 2 - how much food is too much?

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    Dukan day 2 - how much food is too much?

    I know Dukan says unlimited from the list, but I feel like I've eaten a lot and although I'm not hungry, I want to eat more. I feel like my body is craving (which presumably it is and I'm just eating protein to prevent me thinking about other foods). Anyway, here's what I ate today. Any thoughts? Am I doing this right?

    B - scrambled eggs (2 whole, 2 white), skinny latte
    L - 100g smoked salmon, pot of zero fat cottage cheese
    S - skinny latte, 4 chicken drumsticks without skin
    T - 4 thick slices roast beef, oatbran galette, dr pepper zero, 2 tbsp greek yoghurt with sweetener

    water and black coffee during the day.

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    Eat as much as you want I attack, if something is going to slow your weights loss, ie. too many crab sticks you will Notice if you are daily weighing x

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    If it's free and unlimited you can eat as much as you want - when I started dukan I decided to eat whenever I wanted to - and it worked for me - don't hold back if you want to eat then eat - you will find that the longer you do dukan tho that that will subside and you won't want to eat all the time - enjoy!!! If you do stall then it could be fizzy drinks - try to limit them and choose water instead

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