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Thread: Day 2 of the Total Solution!

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    Diet: Exante diet (total solution)
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    Day 2 of the Total Solution!

    Hi guys!
    So this is my first time trying any VLCD- I've been obese pretty much all my life, and I'm currently at about 18st 7lbs (however at my heaviest I weighed over 21st). I'm on day 2 of the total solution and it's going alright so far, but I expect that I'm finding it easier because it's the weekend and I've not really been out much as I've been studying(I'm in my final year at uni). I'm hoping to get down to around 14st by July, which is when I'll graduate. So far I'm getting the hunger pangs in the evenings and because I tend to stay up late I'm worried I might be tempted to snack! I'm really determined not to though.
    For those who have tried the Exante pasta carbonara- do you think it would be ok to add some broccoli or other vegetables that are low in carbs? I haven't found it to be as filling as the porridge or the bars.
    Any advice or words of encouragement would be much appreciated- I'm excited yet scared and worried for some reason!
    ps I've written a blog with more about my weight and personal issues
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    Hi, welcome. Being on day 2 I would try to hang on in there and use the packs that do fill you until you hit Ketosis when your appetite will wane. I dont think veg a big issue in terms of calorie or carbs but on TS it is equally important to be strong and change habits. Dont let food rule you, take the upper hand. Most "needs" seem to be due to emotional reasons or bad habits from being used to having more food than you need or using food as comfort (emotional again I guess). I do mainly WS so probably not best to say. I would read the various diaries for inspiration, there are some great people on here giving a real life and real strength view point. Wish you all the very best on your journey. Will check in on your progress. x

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