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Thread: Spontaneous human combustion

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    Spontaneous human combustion

    Just reading in the daily mail today about this, regarding the newborn baby in India that has spontaneously combusted four times. One of the plausible theories put forward has worried me. A scientist has proved that a body that is high in acetones could combust, and tested this out. He also mentioned that high acetones can occur through Diabetes, high fat diet, and in ketosis. So as you can see, that is my worry as I do the TS programme with Exante. It's not been proven, but it sounds really plausible. Anyone any thoughts on this?

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    Has anyone doing the diet spontaneously combusted? I'm pretty sure any spontaneous combustion that occurs makes the news in some shape or form. I'm not worried, there's probably more chance of being run over by a bus.
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