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Thread: When BMI goes under 25..?

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    When BMI goes under 25..?

    Hi, been 100% TS for 10 days now. I've lost 10lbs and my BMI has just sneaked under 25.

    Do I HAVE to add a meal now or can I carry on being TS until I lose a bit more? Still got a final stone to shift to be a comfortable size 10 (my weight and size before having 2 kids!!)

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    Goal BMI: 23.7

    Total Weight Loss: 3st8lb
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    I'm not sure of the 'proper' rules but I have 9lbs to lose before my BMI is under 25 and I intend to keep going until I reach goal (BMI 23.7) although I think I'll be moving goal lower once I get there. I can't see how weighing less would make it dangerous, if anything you'd think id would be the other way around. Good luck with your goals

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    Week 1 = 13st 7lbs -5lbs :-)

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    Thanks decided to stay TS for now but just going to take it a day at a time, may move up a stage at some point. It's only that the Cambridge diet says to add a meal once your Bmi is under 25 and it's the same kind of thing. Good luck to you too!!

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    Start BMI: 25.4
    Current BMI: 24.5
    Goal BMI: 20.4

    Total Weight Loss: 2.3kg
    Weight to Lose: 10.1kg
    % Lost 3.65%

    I started on the bmi 24.8 on the 8th of Jan and didn't find any problem, besides the 'flu'.
    Was planning to do only 1 week of TS, but like it so will keep doing it till I reach my desired weight or maybe a bit upper and after switch to 4:3.
    Exante says that TS and WS is for persons with BMI of at least 25.

    Good luck

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    Goal BMI: 19.8
    I'm doing the TS and my BMI was 25 when I started, I'm carrying on on TS as I like it so much too, do whatever makes you happy x
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    Goal Weight: 8st7

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