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    Coke Zero


    Started Exante TS on Monday and seem to be doing ok! However, Coke Zero has been getting me through!

    I have still not managed to get in to Ketosis :-( though and have just looked at 2 of the bottles I have bought and Sodium Citrate is listed as an ingredient!!! As this is a variant of Citric acid I am presuming it isnt allowed?

    Does anyone know if it is still ok? They have repackaged it and an old bottle I have from monday does not list sodium citrate!

    Please help! Might need a trip to Asda if I cant have it haha! Also the OH has just bought me 6 bottles as it was on ooffer!

    Many thanks!

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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft1.6in
    Start Date: 06/01/14
    Start Weight: 17st7lb
    Current Weight: 11st6lb
    Goal Weight: 9st0lb
    Goal Date: Christmas 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 45.4
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    Goal BMI: 23.3

    Total Weight Loss: 6st1lb
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    I drink coke zero and I'm def in ketosis - how do you know you're not? Have you been using the pee sticks? To be honest they don't always work.

    If you've stuck to the diet, you're cold and you're not hungry you're probably in ketosis.

    All losses since restarting Exante 06/01/14
    Into the 16's - done 13/01/14
    To 15st 13lbs - done 08/02/14
    In size 18 Next jeans - done 23/02/14
    To 14st 13lbs - done 03/03/14
    Into size 16 Next jeans - done 15/04/14
    To 13st 13lbs - done
    To 13st 9lbs (move into class 1 obese on my spreadsheet) - done

    To 13st 3lbs (over half way to goal!) - 10/05/14
    To 12st 13lbs - done 15/05/14
    To 12st 12lbs (lowest weight in ?24? years) - done 18/05/14
    To 12st 7lbs (5 stone loss) - done 28/05/14
    To get to 12st 6lbs - done 02/06/14
    Into size 14 Next jeans - done 27/05/14
    To get to 11st 13lbs - done 09/09/14
    To get to 11st 8lbs (no longer obese - overweight) - done 06/10/14
    To get to 11st 7lbs (6 stone loss) - done 07/10/14
    To get to 10st 13lbs
    ​To get to 10st 7lbs (7 stone loss)

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    Thanks for getting back to me - yeah I have used the sticks but I am also not cold (quite the opposite :-( ) and really hungry! Maybe day 5 is just being bad to me!

    I am hoping that the coke zero hasn't changed It is keeping me going! Stupid citric acids!


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