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Thread: Fresh start

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    Fresh start

    Hi everyone, i say fresh start because I did have an account a while back but I just slowly got out of the habit of using it so I've now made a new one now. Feel it's better that way.

    I've just started slimming world this week and I'm really excited to get going. It's about time I really did something about this weight and stopped complaining and expecting it to fall of without effort! That's pretty much what I've done for since as long as I can remember! Haha.


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    Diet: Low Sodium & SatFat
    Height: 4ft11in
    Start Date: 31.3.2010
    Start Weight: 16st2lb
    Current Weight: 13st13.4lb
    Goal Weight: 11st0lb
    Goal Date: I'm really wondering!?!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 45.6
    Current BMI: 39.5
    Goal BMI: 31.1

    Total Weight Loss: 2st2.6lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st13.4lb
    % Lost 13.54%
    Hi Hannah, Good for you getting back into it and just right for a start to the new year.
    Did you have a diary before and how much weight are you hoping to lose?
    Wishing you all the very best in your journey.

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    Hi hanah welcome back to the forum. Wish u success with SW.

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    I did have a diary before yeah but I wouldn't know what it was called to find it haha. That's how long it's been. I made a new user you see.

    My ultimate target goal weight is to lose 6-7stn so got a long way to go. I'm starting off easy though and setting small goals. My first is a stone then he next goal will be another stone but after the first 2/3 I think I'll start stating them smaller to 7lbs. I think I'll do this because everyone always says it's easier at the start and then it slows down and I don't really want to set myself up for disappointment by aiming too high and not getting anywhere with it.

    Thank you both for the luck, I'm gonna need it

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