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Thread: Side effects

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    Side effects

    Hi everyone im due to start my tablets tomorrow only thing is I keep reading about organ failure as a side effect. Its creeping me out a little x x

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    This time its personal!!
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    Diet: Exante total solution
    Height: 5ft9in
    Start Date: 17/02/13
    Start Weight: 20st1lb
    Current Weight: 19st1.6lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0lb
    Goal Date: Christmas 2014 (or earlier if possible!!)

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 41.5
    Current BMI: 39.5
    Goal BMI: 24.8

    Total Weight Loss: 0st13.4lb
    Weight to Lose: 7st1.6lb
    % Lost 4.77%
    I used these a few years ago but they were not for me.... my organs were all ok, but they gave me, lets say.... toilet issues.... :-\
    Time to start liking my body again.....!

    NEW START 16/06/14 - weighing in at start 19st 11.8lbs

    Wk1: 13lbs lost 20st1lb to 19st2lb Wk2: 4lbs off taking me to 18st12lb Hmmm.... blip here! WK 1: Bit of a mess around but lost 2lbs in about 3 days Now 18st 3.2lbs
    Mini Goals: 1 stone . 2 stones 3 stones 4 stones 5 stones 6 stones 7 stones 8 stones
    Weigh less than my husband.
    By my holiday late Aug to wear something in a size that doesn't start with 2.
    Put my 'skinny' cropped jeans on (and not be cut in half by fastening the button!)
    To have lost more than I still need to lose
    Go in shop and not have to dive straight to the back of the rail to find my size.
    Go down a shoe size (does happen when I am smaller)
    Make sure I sit in an aeroplane seat not as snugly as last time (although I realise this depends on the plane!)

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