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Thread: FatAssasinator Daily Ramblings & Diary

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    FatAssasinator Daily Ramblings & Diary

    So order my 4 week pack. 3 packs + 1 high protein meal. Should arrive Wednesday

    Will post my starting weight Wednesday morning however I suspect it is around 13.5 maybe a few more lol

    Here goes.....

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    My packs are coming tomorrow - I can't actually wait. Will weigh in first thing

    The idiot I'm married to seems to his eyes when I mention losing weight like I will never Achieve it, which surprises me since once upon a time I was 17stoje an got down to 12 stone, so in nearly 3 years I've gain 1 and half stone - I don't think that's drastic. Anyway, he gets on my nerves, frowns at me for eating like a pig some days then hours later catch him binging.
    So he was goading me today, yeh believe it when I see it and if I get down to my target he'll buy me a dress..... I just laughed and told him to poke his dress as his doubtfulness was a doubt enough to spur me on!!

    Come on delivery..... I'm ready to rock and roll and if I am feeling the strain - I won't be moaning to him about it ! Well seeing as I don't have anyone else but him .... I'll be moaning to myself about it haha

    Will take some determination an dedication but I'm set on rocking it !

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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Height: 1.73m
    Start Date: 24.04.14
    Start Weight: 98.8kg
    Current Weight: 79.56kg
    Goal Weight: 74.84kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 33.1
    Current BMI: 26.7
    Goal BMI: 25.1

    Total Weight Loss: 19.2kg
    Weight to Lose: 4.7kg
    % Lost 19.47%
    Hello FatAssasinator - I'm hoping you're not a fat assassinator, but more an assassin of fat...
    good luck on your first day - hope it all goes well.

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    So my packs didn't arrived until late Wednesday so decided just to start Thursday instead although I ate only protein on Wednesday so now heading into ketosis, I can feel it.


    B- Toffee Shake
    L- Banana Shake
    D- Chilli pack with about 2 teaspoons of lean mince an less than 100g of mange tout

    B- Banana Shake
    L- Chicken Curry Noodle soup ( tasted banging)
    D- will prob be 4 cheese pasta or Carbonara
    I had a mini baby bell cheese ain't Gona fret as I do know what takes me in an out of ketosis plus it isn't going over my calories

    I order a lemon yoghurt shake - so wish I had ordered more as I just made this up into Lolly moulds.... Currently in the freezer .... Got 3 lollies out of 1 pack which is awesome as sometimes you just have to feel like your eating something :-)

    Oh yesterday started at 13.11 weight - whooooops more than I expected however think much of that was delayed toilet movement an water
    Weighed this morning after day 1 and already sitting at 13.5.4

    Not going to fret as I'm Gona kick ass

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